Mama Jembe dealing with a Breakup relationship or Divorce: Grieving and Moving on After

11 Dangerous Things to Damage Relationships Or Marriages In 2018

What If You Didn't Know About relationship break up Causes.

Avoid relationship breaking ups. These days The rate of relationship break ups are higher than before.During early days of 1980s relationship breakups were determined by ages between  young and older people. But presently age doesn't matter about what happens into relationships.

Relationship break ups of these days are caused by the way world is moving , the world is so problematic ,people worry of many things in life than worrying about breaking up with their relationships. Many marriage counselors and traditional healers never tell this truth to people apart from the known love spell caster dr moosa south Africa.


The relationship break up Mystery You need to know

Things makes people become deteriorated to cause a relationship breakups are:

1.Jealousy :-  Too much jealousy develops into minds can become a key to breakup relationship.

2.Financial strains:-There are nothing more stressing like being broke in life,whenever become strained ,expect disaster in family

3.Untrustworthiness:-These days lovers have lost trust in their partners may be this is  because of many challenges arises in life.

4.Sexual weakness:-Sexual dissatisfactions is not over looked as well. while many reasons that causes this stressing bad situation.

5. Jumpy behaviours:- Many young aged men and women think that being jumpy in life reward them a good medal of enjoying the world before last breathe,but i bet this is never going to be true. Enjoying life slowly but surely can earn you a long enjoyable life too

6. Over demandings:- If you are a woman over demanding towards your man can become a poison of a relationship breakup. many men whether rich or middle incomer to the poor believes the same and may share same sense of understanding.  if you demand a lot ,this creates a lot of doubts of your reliabilities upon a stable relationship.

7. Beauty competitions: At the new generation ,a lot have changes in the way people behaves and what they wear, how they look , This creates massive impressions to every sides of gender and make humans lose control of feelings and love attractions.

8.Stress:  Over stressing cause headaches , lose a lot of minds and focus on your partner.This is where signs of relationship break up can begin to show up ,because one side may need to separate time and a place to cool down the stressed mind while the other needs immediate love attentions.

9. Obesity:- Obesity is a known condition that is associated with having an excess amount of body fat and you become overweight which excellerate loss of sexual performance and misfigure while this decrease beauty attractions where relationship break up can come in.

10. Gender equality beliefs:- This is very big point and the reason of relationship break up most especially in western world and its a time bomb circulating into Africa where it wasn't before. In simple terms,whenever lovers thought of being equal in every things and in sharing same authorities ,every things in relationship goes wrong.

11.Invaluations of the relationship:- In a simple saying : if you fail to evaluate what you have got presently,then you will never value what you will get in future. I therefore plead that people must learn how to valuate their relationship for them to handle it with a good care and honest in order to avoid silly relationship break up.

And many more other reasons i will narrate in future articles.

NB:- This the opinion of  mama Jembe  the best marriage counselor based in Cape Town South Africa. I understand and respect other people's opinions also as the same that i have the rights and authority to my own opinions .

If you feel attached to this article , you can share to your brother or sister or a friend so that they can diagnose their relationship to find out where and what's wrong it has been diverted.

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