What Spell Is Effective For Date Rich White And Black Men

I want to date rich men both white and black

Dear Mama mariam ,

I have been suffering since childhood, have a long of misfortunes was not piece of piece cake to be it made me loose hope both in love life, wealth and success.

I was thinking maybe contacting you for help will be better for me and i hope you can help me with the following if possible:
i want you to cast a spell of attraction, i want rich men both white and black (high profile eg ministers, parliaments and lawyers or businessmen in general to be attracted to me.note they should be very rich, whether its on the online dating or publicly please help me.
The other thing is the spell for being spoiled...i want have lucky for men to spoil me with ever thing money, material things coz since i started dating its hard for man to just spend on me they just date even if they are rich they will not even buy me a small gift.
i hope my request will be considered and i want a quotation or prices for that.
thank you.
Jenifer theobe