Safety tips~How to avoid & how to escape Kidnappings

Painful subject. *Kidnappings. How to avoid & how to escape.*

Citizens from the high to the low profiles have been kidnapped across the world. Kidnapping has become such a threat that many are wondering how not to fall victims.

Risks evolve & so should your mindest so as to protect yourself and your family. Here are tips on how to prevent kidnapping:

*Stop routine movement*
Driving or walking through the same route will make it easy for suspecting abductors to gather information about you and can make it easy for them to track you down when they are ready to strike.

Find other streets or highways you can use when driving from home to work and back. Kidnappers rely on your routine to track you down and then look for a time when you’re most vulnerable to an attack.

*Don’t discuss your family outside the house*
Whatever issues you have with your family must not be discussed outside your house(on social media). This is to maintain safety as it has been reported previously that kidnappers also gather information from those in one’s neighborhood.

*Do proper checks before employing workers*
Before you employ your new housekeeper, driver or any other employee, please do proper backgrounds check about that person. Know the family members and let the person give the name of a guarantor that can stand in for him or her. Are they working for or against your best interests?

This should be done because some people who are kidnappers may pretend to be seeking employment with you.

*Maintain a moderate lifestyle*
To avoid being kidnapped, you should check your lifestyle; if you have been living loud, try to do in moderation now by adorning not- too expensive wears that announce you. Looking expensive all the time can make you a target of kidnappers. You know yourself, this one is for you!

*Invest in basic self- defense tactics*

Your mindset is your daily insurance. Hey, you don’t need the Bruce Lee or Jacki Chan perfection, just learn how to kick & punch very hard into where it hurts your offender. If you can’t call me, at least check out a free YouTube video & practice secretly in your privacy (with the spouse for motivation). It might even be a fun event!

*Don’t discuss money publicly*
Receiving phone calls that involve boastfully discussing big money. When you discuss such amounts of money in public, you send signals to kidnappers that you are rich and can be their victim.

*Know your neighbors*
To avoid living close to a potential kidnapper, get to know that person living close to you well. Find out if the person is living alone or not and the kind of job that person does for a living.

*Don’t get too close to strangers so easily*
People that you don’t know, try not to share valuable information with them. That stranger may be a kidnapper in disguise so avoid strictly any stranger that tries to move close to you unnecessarily.

*Keep emergency numbers on fast dial*
It is important to keep emergency numbers like numbers of the Police or family member that you can quickly call whenever you sense you are being monitored by kidnappers or you notice anything strange in your environment. Make a call, drop phone under the car seat, but leave the call running so that your listener hears the ongoing scuffles/fights & may be able to hear/ identify voices/names &/or security tracking your phone (A small techno phone with a long battery life can save a life)

*Acquire a car tracker is a great idea.*

Not everyone should know everything about you or your family defense strategies.

*Be aware of your environment*
One of the major ways to avoid kidnapping is to be thoroughly vigilant which means you live in your house like an investigator. This entails being aware of every happening around you and your family every time. Know which car/bike is unusually following or is ahead of you; strangers knocking on your window, trying to be unusually friendly. Vigilance keeps you alert – alertness keeps you alive. Just do your bit.

*Always keep your phone handy*
it can be a source of help when there is a threat of kidnap. Don’t just keep your phone with you but make sure you have airtime, no matter how little so that it can be useful in times of danger.

*When you notice a threat, attract the attention of people*
whenever you notice any direct threat. By screaming or shouting, hooting. If it’s your life at stake, then there is everything to lose. When you put up a good fight off most offenders will opt to flee. Keep doing this until you notice that people have gathered around you and can come to your rescue.

*Don’t get too close to a stranger*
Try not to share valuable information with those you don’t know. That stranger may be a kidnapper in disguise so avoid strictly any stranger that tries to move close to you unnecessarily.

*Let someone close know where you’re or going*
If you must meet a new acquaintance, make sure someone knows where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Leave a message with a family member or friend where you’re headed and if possible, give the name of the person you’re about to meet and other details you might know.

*Do not accept free rides by strangers*
Once you get into a stranger’s car, you are at their mercy. They could either incapacitate you or hold you hostage and you might not have an opportunity to defend yourself.

*Teach your kids to never talk to strangers*
even if they seem friendly and offer gifts. This one is quite straight forward.

*Be careful about revealing data on social media*
Be careful not to reveal too much about yourself or your family members via social media. Bragging has a high price. No need to flaunt your new cars, houses, or condominium units on your profile. Others are out to get it (& you as a bonus)

*Never reveal addresses and be sure to turn off the GPS function on your smartphones.*

Don’t post on social media the places you frequent. Some people are unaware that Facebook and other sites reveal the specific location from where you are posting on social media.

*Be vigilant not only at night but at all times*
It is true that most kidnapping crimes occur at night but there are also a few cases that happen in broad daylight. We should always be vigilant, not only at night.

It may sound like a lot now, but trust me, in the end.  It’s the little things that count. These tips should be shared widely & regularly by our police PR officers.
Keep it safe.

Those are the points among Do & Don’t a safety measure everybody including I,  should look out for the life-threatening situations.

Written and posted by traditional healer Mama Jembe based in Cape Town – South Africa.  A lot happens worldwide, especially in our continent Africa.